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 Global Health Card

This facility offers 10% discount on hopital bills for entire family of the card holder including his parents and dependents.

Rs. 500/-


 Smart Health Card

Smart Global Health Card is an intelligent card carrying complete details about the patient medical records e.g. reports, diagnosis and medication. This card can be opened in any CD-ROM drive on any PC to access the patient records and the record files can be viewed in Microsoft word.

This is extremely useful for patient and doctors as well. We recommend patients to keep this smart card in his wallet all the time (like license) that can be of immense value in case of an emergency like accident.

Rs. 500/-

 Executive Health checkup package

This program is recommended for executives of either sex, irrespective of age.

Global health care offers the corporate community and international executives a comprehensive health assessment characterised by personal attention and high quality medical care.

• General physicians
• Surgeon
• Gynaecologist (additional for ladies)

• HBsAg
• Fasting Blood Sugar
• Liver profile / Lipid profile / Renal profile
• Urine and faeces examination


• Chest X-Ray
• Ultrasonographis screening of the abdomen

Special Investigations
• Additional for ladies
   - Mammography
   - PAP Smear
• Aditional for gents
   - Serum Acid Phosphate

Cardiac stress test / 2D Echocardiography and Spirometry are not included in this plan but if recommended will be done (costs exclusive)

Rs. 3500/-

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