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All that can be done through Endosurgery in United States, can be done at the Bhatia Global Hospital as a super-specialized centre in all types of Minimally Invasive Surgeries under one roof. While cases such as Gall Bladder or Kidney Stones are commonly known to be operated using laparoscopy, Bhatia Global Hospital has been undertaking successfully the little known cases that can be solved with this technique. Today, there are many surgical problems that can be cured using laparoscopy and we strongly recommend you consult us before going in for an "open" surgery to see if laparoscopy provides the answser. Technologically as well as clinically, the hospital is fully equipped to perform any kind of Minimally Invasive Surgeries.

The list below indicates the cases that are often treated with laparoscopy for a quick reference.

• Gall Bladder Stones
• Kidney Stones
• Uretar Stones
• Appendicitis
• Hernias
• Perforation of Intestines
• Bowel Surgeries
• Infertility
• Sterilization
• Ovarian Cyst
• Prostrate
• Uterus Removal

So, if you have symptoms that point to any one of the above or more, consult the chief surgeon at Bhatia Global Hospital to see if your problem can be treated painlessly using Endosurgery.

Speaking in medical terms, Bhatia Global Hospital delivers all kinds of endoscopic surgeries viz. Laparoscopic, Retroperitoneoscopic, Endoscopic, and Hysteroscopic etc.


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